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The Sweet Guide

Round and square cakes are three layers of cake with two layers of filling.

Round Cakes

Cake Size                    Servings
5"                               4-6
6"                               8-12
7"                               12-18
8"                               20-25
9"                               26-30
10"                             32-38
12"                             50-56
14"                             72-78

Square Cakes

Cake Size                 Servings
6"                                18
8"                                32
10"                              50
12"                               72
14"                               98
16"                               128

Please email or call for more pan shapes and prices!

Smash Cakes
These 6 or 8 inch round cakes are a hit for little ones' birthdays!  A small cake just for the birthday boy/girl these cakes are perfect for little hands to enjoy without getting their fingers into all of the guest's cake!  Decorated to match party theme these cakes start at $15.

Tiered & Wedding Cakes
These cakes start at $3.25/serving for buttercream and $4.25/serving for fondant.  Contact us and we will discuss design, color, etc. for a more accurate quote.

Specialty Cakes/Party Cakes
Whatever the occasion these cakes will add something special! Prices vary on the complexity of the design.  Give me a call or shoot me an email and we will come up with  both a design and a price that fits your needs.

These great 'mini' cakes are a perfect complement to every cake.  They can be ordered in addition to a cake or by themselves.  We also have mini cupcakes.  All cupcakes include a filling and icing and start at $1.75/cupcake and $1.25/mini cupcake.  There is a minimum order of 12 cupcakes if ordered with a cake or 24 cupcakes if ordered by themselves.  They will coordinate with the party theme.  The flavor options are endless, as I have some 'specialty' cupcake recipes.  Caramel apple, peanut butter surprise, and chocolate cherry just to name a few.  Please email or call me for more options for these tasty treats!

Cake Pops
These little cake 'accessories' are fantastic and the possibilities of what we can create with them are endless.  They are cake combined with buttercream either rolled into a ball or shaped to match a party theme.  Also, they will be decorated accordingly.  Valentine's Day??  Heart cake pops dipped in red chocolate!  These 'accessories' start at $15/dozen if ordered with a cake or $18/dozen if ordered by themselves with a minimum order of 2 dozen.

ALL cakes, fillings, & icings are made from scratch.  Pick whatever flavor combos you would like, one of my favorites is chocolate cake with mint buttercream, or for the chocolate lover, chocolate cake with grandma's chocolate buttercream is great!

Cake Flavors                                         Icing

white                                                         buttercream
chocolate                                            grandma's chocolate buttercream
marble                                                     mocha buttercream
yellow                                                     mint
                                                               cream cheese


fresh fruit**
buttercream (any flavor)
key lime pie
chambord cream cheese**
peanut butter cream
cookies & cream
coconut cream**
raspberry mousse**

**some flavors may have extra charge**
If you have your heart set on a cake flavor and/or filling that is not listed please let me know and we will make it happen!
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